uscita libro 2

Published 16/04/2016

Pierluigi Abbondanza signed the first

photographic book by Svetlana Zakharova,

a story in pictures of timeless emotions

that her dance can convey.

The dance is perhaps the most ephemeral between the arts. How to succeed in capturing the perfect motion, staring at a single frame the emotions that lurk behind every gesture, every glance? Still flipping through the pages of the photo book by Svetlana Zakharova, made more than two years of work by photographer Pierluigi Abbondanza, you manage to capture the essence of dance and its many facets, the gentleness of a caress, passion overwhelming a hug, abandonment, grace, purity of line. "Not everyone knows how difficult it is to photograph the ballet, it is difficult to capture the exact moment, seize that moment where the location is perfect and the emotion in it shines through crystal clear," says the Étoile. You must know the dance steps, identify in dancers: Pierluigi Abbondanza has learned to seize the moment, to give your breath to that of the dancers, taking in the very instant that the dance becomes timeless emotion.

The meeting between Svetlana Zakharova and Pierluigi Abbondanza takes place nine years ago, when the photographer, active for many years in ballet, has the opportunity to photograph the Étoile during a lesson, remaining immediately captivated by that combination extraordinary, technique and heart. Over time, friendship and mutual esteem grow to the point that Svetlana Zakharova decides to entrust to Abundance his first book. Not a biography, as the artist, rather a story in pictures of his extraordinary artistic journey, an attempt to bridge the distance between dancer and audience and to highlight the deepest emotions. In over 150 photos, colour and black and white, made in testing and in the most important theatres of Europe, commented the same Zakharova, Pierluigi Abbondanza there returns the image more authentic, and more intimate at the same time, one of the greatest dancers of all time. See you in the most famous ballets such as Swan Lake, those most loved by you as The Bayadére, in contemporary creations, as Revelation and Plus Minus Zero, surprising us with how a photograph apparently motionless can come to life before our eyes, giving us every time new emotions.