Born into a family of photographers, starts from an early age became interested in the work of parents. Continue to follow the family business in parallel with studies up to 27 years old when he opened a studio just doing pictures for advertising and portraits. To 38 years old is fascinated by the discipline of Ballet. Following lessons in the Hall in order to have a better understanding and began photographing shows and classes. He was invited to scale at the ballet school, photographing classes for four years with results appreciated so much that his pictures are used for the calendar of 1998 Porselli. During the same period he was invited to photograph the final show of the Princess Grace Academy in Monte Carlo by Marika Besobrasova. Since 1997 following as official photographer summer internships of the Royal Academy of Dance of London in Italy and the masters of St. Petersburg in Rapallo. This collaboration is made the official calendar of the Italian Royal Academy 2000. Subsequently photographing great artists such as Svetlana Zakharova, Polina Semionova, Olesya Novikova Leonid Sarafanov, Lucia Lacarra, Luciana Savignano and many others. In 2014 the first photographic book by Svetlana Zakharova wanted by etoile. The first official presentation of the book was at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples with the same etoile and the journalist Sara Zuccari. In the 2015 international photographer of the year won the title of best promoted by the magazine "Il Giornale della Danza" directed by Sara Zuccari. The dissemination of the book leads him to Tokyo for an additional presentation of the same, with Zakharova.


He was appointed juror in the first international competition for dance photographers Photography Contest organized by Anna Pavlova Ballet of St. Petersburg.


He currently works at the completion of the second book of Zakharova and side projects with other Russian artists.