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Published 16/04/2016

Pierluigi Abbondanza captures the essence of

Svetlana Zakharova

in amazing photo book!

Svetlana Zakharova Pierluigi Abbondanza - copertina


Comes from the fortunate encounter, which occurred nine years ago, between the photographer Pierluigi Abbondanza and étoile Svetlana Zakharova, the idea of this first book of photographs, published by Editions Files and available in all libraries. A first book of photographs for two reasons: it is the first signed by Pierluigi Abbondanza, son of art grew so into photography since childhood and is the first dedicated to the great Russian étoile.


Recently unveiled 27 February at Danza in Fiera, under moderate interview by journalist and dance critic Sara Zuccari, Svetlana Zakharova spoke of his first book with joyful and proud tones: "I am very happy and proud of my first book – answered the Zakharova to Sara Zaldivar – and I want to clarify that it is not simply a collection of photographs but a book that effectively portrays my dance. I think the main goal that we had set ourselves at the beginning of this work has been achieved fully: in these photos you will be able to read the soul of my being an artist, because the ones you see are not mere shots but faithful representation the essence of Svetlana Zakharova».


In the book, aesthetically impeccable, really stunning shots Pierluigi Abbondanza are separated from the thoughts and the words in the same Zahkarova who is the author of the bilingual texts, because written in Italian and in English. Flipping through this book, plus remain obviously delighted by a technical and artistic perfection effectively expressed in over 150 images, you immediately notice how these, in color and black and white, to be organised in a logical policy: it starts from the series of photographs that immortalize Svetlana Zakharova during a lesson to get the series of photographs taken during his performances around Europe.


The various sections of the book portray so many important roles in classical ballet and modern masterpieces from étoile: Swan Lake, Distant Cries, Plus Minus Zero, Russian Seasons, Concerto DSCH, Carmen Suite, La Ronde des Lutins, Tristan, The Swan , Revelation, La Bayadère.


More than a photo book I think it can be considered a true work of art that lets anyone, holding it in his hands, the Thunderstruck browsing and page after page, is completely enraptured by the brazen beauty of this corpus of photographs and thoughts originals, which gives us a realistic and comprehensive portrait of what is the essence of a great étoile of our time.


Leonilde Zuccari

Foto di Pierluigi Abbondanza