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Published 16/04/2016



Svetlana Zakharova in the mirror

Born in Ukraine, ten years she joined the Kiev choreographic school, where he followed the teachings especially to Valeria Sulegina. Continued his education at the Academy "Agrippina Vaganova" from St. Petersburg.

In June 1996 gets the appointment as Principal Dancer — étoile. Her vast repertoire at the Kirov included starring in roles: Giselle, the sleeping beauty, Swan Lake, La bayadère, Don Quixote, Le CORSAIRE, Les Sylphides, Shéhérazade, the fountain of Bakhchisaray (in Rostislav Zacharov's version), Romeo and Juliet (in the version of Leonid Lavrovsky).

With the Mariinsky Theatre Ballet-Kirov took part in the major tours and, since 1999, has been invited as "guest artist" from the major ballet companies in the world, including New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Paris Opera Ballet, La Scala Theatre Ballet, English National Ballet and New National Theatre Ballet in Tokyo.

Since October 2003 he started dancing as étoile of the Ballet of the Bolshoi Moscow, where test his roles with Lyudmila Semenjanka, the dancer ' star ' of the previous generations.

On 6 June 2005 she was elected Emeritus Artist of Russia. He signed a three-year contract with La Scala as Prima Ballerina étoile, from Swan Lake which opened the season 2007-2008. He is currently étoile guest at La Scala in Milan.

In the sixth round of "the mirror – vices and virtues," Svetlana Zakharova tells us about her life as a dancer and as a woman.

Question, how did for Svetlana Zakharova dance passion?

My love for Ballet was born during his studies in the Academy of dance. And gradually I realized that the dance would become my life. Every day that I studied in school together, I realized that I wanted to be with a great dancer.

His family?

When I was admitted to the Vaganova Academy my family was very happy. But the greatest joy the tried my mother because, through me, realized his dream of a child.

Talent aside, how does one become Svetlana Zakharova?

With the talent we are born because it is a natural gift. It is especially important in dance, where you are not all the same but it matters much individuality.

A journey that began in one of the most important Nations in the dance world: Russia. What do you remember of the first years of the diploma and then, early work experience?

A very alive and exciting to me is when in 17 years I danced "Giselle". I still remember today the evidence, night and day ... Each exit on stage for me was not just a show, but it was a real test. Every time I had to prove to everyone and above all to myself, I had to dance the lead role at the Mariinsky Theatre. The scene of great glories and therefore of much responsibility.

From 2008 is étoile guest at La Scala in Milan?

Certainly since 2008 the company has become. The Corps de ballet was rejuvenated and became stronger technically. I'm happy because we work very well and this allows us to have great possibilities!

She has danced in theatres and with the most important companies in the world, there is a espisodio or an experience that remained in the heart?

There's a lot to be honest. But those who have remained more impressed on the heart are my debut at the Mariinsky Theatre, my first performance at La Scala and certainly my passage at the Bolshoi.

What was the defining moment for his career?

The defining moment in my career was during a tour at Versailles, when they are spotted by Mikhail Baryshnikov. I was 20 years old. Here I received an invitation from Paris to dance "La Bayadère" at the Opéra. After the show, I found out that the invitation had come about thanks to the interest and estimated that the great dancer he had placed immediately toward me. I will be grateful forever, why after Paris around the world started talking about me!

His relationship with the kitchen? The favorite food?

Not very picky. I can eat the simplest things but at the same time appreciate the refined cuisine. For me the cuisine is an art form. My favorite ones are Russian, Italian and Japanese cuisine. I cook occasionally, but when I have time I prepare salads, those I manage it! In preparing them do free rein to my imagination and the result is yummy.

What is the dance for Svetlana Zakharova?

It's my life.

For some months now is in his first book library with photographs of Pierluigi Abbondanza. We're talking about?

It seems to me that the book is beautiful. For three years were made the pictures in different cities. Pierluigi is a very professional ballet photographer, has captured some very interesting moments of my dance. I'm glad my fans now have the chance to see these beautiful images captured in a book. I am very grateful to Pierluigi because thanks to him, my dream came true.

Plans for the future?

I am currently working to organize the first festival of children's dance, called "Svetlana". This beautiful event will take place on March 24 in Moscow. In just one night, will perform about 400 children from various Russian cities. Expect this event with anxiety, because I haven't done anything like this before.

Svetlana Zakharova in the mirror as you see?

A woman who has had the good fortune to do in life what he loves deeply. The dance!

Sara Zuccari Director picture of Pierluigi Abbondanza